Magna Sports

THROWBACK AD: Mitsubishi Magna Sports (1998)


Mitsubishi Magna Sports was introduced to spice up the Magna range. It was so spicy it could even help you pick up the opposite sex…

In the late 1990s, Mitsubishi Australia was making large cars to take on the Holden Commodore, Ford Falcon and Toyota Camry. Mitsubishi’s locally made offerings were of course the Magna and more luxurious Verada models.

In 1998, Mitsubishi introduced the Magna Sports. The Magna Sports was easily identifiable by way of its racy red rubbing strips along the doors, its rear spoiler, unique alloy wheels and interior trim. However, there was feature that the Magna Sports boasted a first for an Australian made car: manual gear selection, or Sports Mode in Mitsubishi speak. Tap up and down the select the ratios without bothering with a clutch.

The system was designed to make the driver feel more in control. To make there car feel more athletic and powerful. As demonstrated in this video.



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