The Suzuki X-90 was a bit of an automotive oddball

Suzuki has always been a small carmaker that had produced mainly small and slightly unusual cars. Their current range reflects this, but all their current cars a fantastic in their own way: the Swift is a joy to drive, the Ignis is cute, quirky and practical, the Vitara is retro done right and the Baleno is a sensible small car choice for the budget conscious.

However, Suzuki wasn’t always onto such a winning streak. Rewind back to 1995 and Suzuki unveiled an SUV called the X-90. The X-90 was essentially a first generation Vitara with a two-door sports car-esque body and removable targa roof. The end results were terrible. As was the American advert for it. The X-90 was killed off in 1997. I wonder why…

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