THROWBACK AD: Mitsubishi 4×4


Mitsubishi 4×4 range was for people who didn’t like to be fenced in…

Rewind back to 2001, and Mitsubishi Australia’s range was teeming with new models which catered to a wide variety of customers. The Mitsubishi 4×4 range was large and was suited to many different outdoorsy types of varied budgets. There was the baby Pajero iO, the Triton dual-cab 4×4, the Triton-based Challenger wagon and of course, the flagship Pajero.

Despite the great variance in size, capabilities and price, Mitsubishi thought that the customers that bought all of these products had one thing in common – they didn’t like to be “fenced in” and were adventurous rebels who bought a Mitsubishi 4×4 to help indulge in their leisurely pursuits.

Sing along if you will.

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