THROWBACK AD: Holden Commodore VE (2006)


The Holden Commodore VE was the most Australian Commodore of them all

The Holden Commodore is undoubtedly an Australian icon, and it showed the world that Australia could design, engineer and build a car that offered passengers excellent space, comfort and in the case of performance versions, huge grunt.

One thing many people fail to realise is that every Commodore model up until 2006 was based on an Opel counterpart. The VB and VC were a combination of the Opel Rekord and Senator models, and models from VN onwards was based on the Opel Senator and Omega at the time, as were the VT, VX, VY and VZ series.

However, the VE Commodore was different to its predecessors. Opel had killed off its large car and Holden was forced to design and develop a Commodore all on its own. General Motors had allocated Holden $1 billion for the project, and they had six years to develop the new car, which was to be based on General Motors’ Zeta platform. And in 2006, the VE Commodore was born, and it earned itself huge praise from motoring journalists around the country at launch.

The VE Commodore also served as a base for the last Australian made Commodore – and one of our favourite cars – the VF.

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