THROWBACK AD: Ford Fairlane (1999)


AU Ford Fairlane was a radical departure from its predecessors

There’s little debate that the AU Falcon was one of the most polarising and controversial models in Ford Australia’s history. It’s swoopy lines and oval inspired shapes were a radical departure from the big and boxy EL Falcon. The luxury Fairlane, although based on the AU Falcon, ditched the Falcon’s curves and replaced them straight lines.

The end result was an American-esque style limo with a boxy exterior and an oval themed interior. Power came from either a 4.0 litre VCT straight six, or a 5.0 litre V8. Both were mated to a four-speed auto that sent power to the rear wheels.

Inside, there was an abundance of space, climate control, fake wood, leather and in the case of this ad, a car full of old dudes.

We’re not so sure about Ford’s marketing intentions here. It’s like they’re saying that they wanted the Fairlane to be bought by elderly gentleman that played golf. Odd. Well, it was supposedly so refined it could send said old people to sleep. So that’s nice.


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