Dick Johnson Racing Falcon

The Cost of A Dick Johnson V8 Supercar in 1997


It cost around $250,000 to build a Dick Johnson Racing Ford Falcon V8 Supercar in 1997

Motorsport is all about marketing. “Race on Sunday, sell on Monday” as the saying goes. There was once upon a time where the cars that took to the track were pretty much exactly the same as the ones you could buy off the showroom floor, and their prowess on the track lured customers into dealerships.

As time has past, V8 Supercars – or Supercars as they’re called these days – have drifted further and further away from their road going cousins, usually due constantly changing race regulations.

Today, Supercars share very little with their road going relations, however, back in 1997, there was still quite a bit of component sharing going on.

Take the Dick Johnson Racing Ford Falcons, for instance. They used the same body as the road car, bar with a stripped out interior with a roll cage, and there was of course a heavily reworked V8 engine, which was based on the production Ford V8 of the time.

The whole build cost for a Dick Johnson Racing Ford Falcon was around $250,000 per car and the team had three of the things, two for racing, and another for a back up. The team utilised seven engines which were rebuilt every 3,000km or so and chewed through countless tyres. Watch the video for a full breakdown.

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