Subaru SVX

Throwback Ad: Subaru SVX


1990s Subaru SVX coupe blended luxury and performance

A little while ago, we reviewed the Toyota 86 which we liked very much indeed. The 86 was a joint effort between Subaru who sells the sporty little coupe wearing BRZ badges. The mission of the project was to create a sports car that was rear-wheel drive, relatively cheap and fun to drive. And, we must say, they largely succeeded.

Rewind to the early 1990s, however, and Subaru also produced a two door coupe which was called the Subaru SVX. The Subaru SVX wasn’t about cheap thrills. Quite the opposite really. In the 1990s Subaru was still trying to gain a foothold of mass market sales and the SVX was designed to showcase their engineering and technological capabilities.

As such, the Subaru SVX wasn’t a sports car, but rather a powerful (back in the day, anyway) luxury tourer that was crammed with the best of everything Subaru had to offer at the time: a 3.3 litre Boxer flat-six, heated leather seats, climate control, a CD player and of course and one of two all-wheel drive systems.

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