Throwback Ad: Original FIAT 500


The original Fiat 500 small car of the 50s brought mobility to the masses

There are a number of cars that have landed themselves in the pages of automotive history for many reasons: Henry Ford’s Model T became a symbol of American industry and showed that the motor car could be massed produced, the Volkswagen Beetle became the car for Germany (it could be argued that the design spawned the Porsche 911) and the Citroen 2CV could be considered the answer to post World War France’s transportation needs.

Italy’s contribution to the automotive history books-motorsport prowess and wheeled supercar pornography aside-is the original FIAT 500 or “Cinquecento” in Italian. Akin to most of Europe after the second World War, Italy needed to rebuild and its masses needed to get moving and this is where the little 500 rose to prominence.

FIAT is a brand that is proud of it’s Italian heritage and affordable products, as demonstrated by the recently launched Tricolore models. The 500 was designed by Dante Giacosa and burst onto the world stage in 1957. The car was small, light, surprisingly commodious-designed for Italian families and their belongings- and perhaps most critically-cheap. It was even stylish, further adding to the car’s appeal and the 500 became (one of) Italy’s automotive symbol(s).

The Throwback Ad features monologue that is completely in Italian. However, the commercial does an excellent job of highlighting the car’s functionality without the spoken word.


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