Honda NSX



A Japanese car that turned the supercar game on its head

Supercars used to be temperamental, difficult and not necessarily comfortable to drive in the daily grind and would commonly hail from countries such as Italy and to a lesser extent, Germany. In 1990, Honda changed all that. It introduced the world to the Honda NSX -Acura NSX in the US, a car that not only offered blistering performance, Honda reliability, luxurious comfort and the promise of being a car that could be driven everyday.

The Honda NSX affectionately gained the nickname “the Japanese Ferrari” and it was Ferrari whom Honda was trying to (ambitiously) poach sales.

Honda had crammed the NSX with high levels of tech too, with the body fashioned from all-aluminium construction, anti-lock brakes and it was Honda’s first car fitted with an electronic throttle body. Performance was provided by a screaming 3.0 litre V6, which was later upgraded to a 3.2 litre unit later in the model’s lifecycle.

Production of the first generation eventually came to an end in 2005, and the petrol/hybrid reincarnation hits the road this year.

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