Throwback Ad: Ford Australia "Have you driven a Ford lately?" Jingle (1990).


Ford has garnered media attention today with the new Edge poised to replace the Territory when the Australian subsidiary shuts its doors in the coming years. The new Mustang will bolt in and out of Australian showrooms from 2015 which should boost the brand’s appeal. The Ranger-based Everest SUV will offer buyers seven seats with proper off-road ability to boot.

All this change had got us thinking-how has the Ford range evolved over time? Well, in this spectacular (cough!) music video from 1990, many would note that then Ford line-up of the time was a mix of locally made (Laser, Corsair, Falcon, Fairlane and LTD) Mazda based products (the Telstar and Trader light truck) and to the surprise of many a rebadged Nissan Patrol which Ford marketed locally as the Maverick.

Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy.

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