A New Car Test Drive with A Twist


Infiniti Customer Surprised by Aussie F1 star

Imagine this: you jump online to book a test drive for Infiniti’s mid-size Q50 sedan. Three days later, said car turns up on your driveway. But here’s the twist-the car was delivered by Aussie F1 Renault Red Bull superstar Daniel Ricciardo.

This scenario-or dream for many- became a reality for one lucky Infiniti customer in London, named Anton, who booked the test drive and found Ricciardo-with his trademark grin-standing on his doorstep, keys in hand.

Ricciardo said: “Surprising Anton with the Q50 was good fun. I had no idea how he was going to react – to be honest I was a bit worried he might hug me! But he seemed to enjoy it which was cool and he really liked the car when we took it out for a spin afterwards, so it was a good day all round.”

The stunt is to promote a new two day test drive programme for prospective Infiniti purchasers in the UK, allowing them to make a more accurate assessment of whether an Infiniti product is fit for their needs.

Infiniti promises a number of new models from July, with the expanded range including SUVs and the all-new Q30, which is scheduled to arrive in the first half of 2016.

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