Audi Piloted Driving Makes for One Happy T-Rex


Audi Piloted Driving A7 could have an unusual customer base…

The tyrannosaurus Rex is often considered to be the most fearsome of all dinosaurs that once stomped and roared their way across the globe.

The T-Rex is believed supposedly had a woefully short fuse, an unquenchable appetite for just about anything and huge hind legs and almost comical front limbs.

Audi seems to think that the big T-Rex may have simply been misunderstood. Perhaps it was just frustrated that those tiny front arm things were next to useless. Making the bed would be a hugely laborious task for instance. So would cooking. Or getting money out of the ATM. It’d get very depressing – not that all these things existed millions of years ago, but Audi is using them for context I guess.

What about an Audi Piloted Driving A7? Mr Rex could just sit there with a ginormous tooth grin and let the car do everything for him. Watch the video to see how the big lizard in eternal bliss.

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