Territory Turbo

The 1000hp Ford Territory Turbo


One bloke has taken a stock Ford Territory Ghia Turbo and tuned it so it has 1000hp…and is still used as a daily driver!

The Ford Territory was the first and only Australian made SUV – there was the Holden Adventra, but that was just a jacked up Commo wagon and was largely forgettable. The Ford Territory, however, was a sales success. Released in 2004, and sold until 2017, the Territory’s career spanned two generations, with a number of different engine types and trim levels.

The first generation is the car of interest here. Most specifically, the Ford Territory Turbo. The Ford Territory Turbo utilised essentially the same drivetrain as that in the Falcon XR6 Turbo: a turbocharged version of Ford’s 4.0 litre, twin cam inline Barra six, which produced 245kW @ 5250rpm and 480Nm @ 2000rpm, decent figures for a family SUV.

One bloke decided these numbers weren’t enough. So much so he set about tuning his Ford Territory Ghia Turbo, so that it now develops 1000hp, or if you’re an Aussie, 620kW. And most of the changes have been made under the bonnet, as the rest of the car is pretty much stock. And the car is used as a daily driver.

As the footage shows, the performance is truly staggering, with the Territory demolishing a Corvette and even a Porsche in a drag race. This is one impressive piece of engineering.

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