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Uber UK

Uber UK Mandates Electric Cars from Late 2019

Uber UK has laid down the law – all Uber drivers operating in London from late 2019 onwards must have electric or hybrid cars.


Super Uber: Houston, we have a problem

Did I mention that I got into strife from Uber the other day. It was after the biggest day I’ve had as a driver so far – Anzac Day. It’s the day most...


Super Uber: the devil is in the detail

We’re not really sure if being an Uber driver is worth the hassle…


Super Uber hits the road for the first time

After five weeks of waiting I finally got the all clear to drive for Uber. I was beginning to think they might reject me. Me? But then I got the email:...

It’s Super Uber: we sign up to drive

We take the Uber challenge After 30 years as a journalist with News Limited I was tapped on the shoulder just before Christmas. My position had been made redundant....