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THROWBACK AD: Ford Explorer (2000)

Ford Explorer was Ford’s first attempt at selling an American SUV Downunder

Everest update

Ford Everest Update

Ford Everest update brings bi-turbo diesel, 10-speed auto and a wealth of new tech 

Equinox diesel

Holden Announces Equinox Diesel

Holden reveals details for high tech Equinox diesel

Ford Focus Active

Ford Slashes Range

Ford Motor Company in the US set for massive product shake up, with Focus and Mustang the only cars to remain in the line up


THROWBACK AD: Ford Territory (2004)

In many ways, the original Ford Territory truly was amazing

Severn Valley Nissan Qashqai

Severn Valley Nissan Qashqai Fastest SUV in the World

Severn Valley Nissan Qashqai has a GT-R V6 stuffed under its bonnet, churning out 2000hp and can rocket on to a top speed of 237.8 MPH