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Pajero Final Edition

Mitsubishi to Stop Pajero Sales in Japan

Mitsubishi to stop producing Pajero models for the Japanese market


THROWBACK AD: Ford Explorer (2000)

Ford Explorer was Ford’s first attempt at selling an American SUV Downunder

Mitsubishi 4x4

THROWBACK AD: Mitsubishi 4×4

Mitsubishi 4×4 range was for people who didn’t like to be fenced in…


THROWBACK AD: Nissan Patrol 4.8

Nissan Patrol GU 4.8 was Nissan’s attempt to silence its rivals

Mitsubishi Pajero GLS Review

Mitsubishi Pajero a tough old school off-roader in more ways than one.

Mitsubishi Pajero GLS

Mitsubishi Pajero GLS Preview

Long-serving Mitsubishi Pajero off-roader receives another facelift