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Lexus RX200t

Lexus RX Revolutionised

New fourth-generation Lexus RX SUV to arrive in Australia from November

Lexus Hoverboard Revealed!

Final details of Lexus Hoverboard unveiled

Lexus Hoverboard

Great Scott! It’s a Lexus Hoverboard!

Lexus dabbles with futuristic hoverboard technology

Lexus RC F

A Lexus RC F and an “Exhaust Appreciation” Tunnel

Lexus shows off the exhaust note for its new V8 sports coupe

Lexus GS ad

Break the Circle: 2015 Lexus GS Advertisement

Japanese car maker boldly markets new mid-size GS range

Lexus SC430 ad preview


The LF-LC wasn’t the first of Lexus’ coupes