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2019 Chevrolet Silverado

Detroit Auto Show: Chevrolet Silverado

All-new and lighter Chevrolet Silverado unveiled in Detroit, and it’s coming to Australia

Holden Crewman

THROWBACK AD: Holden Crewman

Holden Crewman was an attempt to create an Aussie ute that could double as a family car

ZB Commodore

Holden ZB Commodore Pricing and Specifications Revealed

New ZB Commodore range to start from $33,690; offers sharp value

Chevrolet Camaro

HSV Confirms Camaro, Silverado and Colorado Sportcat

HSV is bringing a slice of Americana to Australia, in the shape of the Chevrolet Camaro and Silverado and the Colorado Sportscat…

Walkinshaw Wildfire

Walkinshaw Wildfire to get Turbo Caddy V6

 Walkinshaw experimenting with twin turbo 300kW Cadillac V6 for Colorado-based Walkinshaw Wildfire.

Holden dealer

Holden Dealers to go Upmarket

Holden upgrades dealers in “Dealership of the future” project and refurbishes Lang Lang Proving Ground