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Suddenly . . . it's 1960

Suddenly . . . it’s 1960 – best campaign of all time!

‘Suddenly, it’s 1960 . . . ‘ It is 60 years since one of the most evocative automotive advertisements of all time hit the American TV screens and...

1948 FX Holden

Fess up Holden, who really designed the original Holden FX?

Who really designed the first Holden ever, the Holden FX?

HD Holden

How the HD Holden was nearly the EF (Holden that is)

The HD Holden had a colourful history.

Tasco T-top

GM stole T-Top roof for the Corvette

TASCO was ahead of its time with the T-Top


Au Revoir: Challenge for Holden will be Holding onto Talent

Sale of Opel to PSA now shrouds Commodore future with mystery

Transparent Pontiac

The incredible see-through Pontiac

Peekaboo ! This see-through 1939 Pontiac Deluxe Six is the real deal and it still exists, 78 years after it was first constructed.