30km/h Speed Limits a Farce

New 30km/h speed limits are being trialled around inner Melbourne suburbs to reduce collisions. But it’s not all that well thought out, writes Matt Calvitto

Holden for Sale?

Inchcape is going to have a mammoth task on its hands if it buys Holden, writes Matt Calvitto 

Is there much life left in Holden?

With local manufacturing concluded, Holden must switch to a full line importer. But should General Motors continue with the Holden name in Australia? 

V8 Supercars Has Lost its Relevance

Australia has fallen love out of love with pthe V8 Supercars category, despite desperate attempts from organisers to re-invent the sport

Australia, We Need to Change the Way We Think About People Movers

People movers should take priority over SUVs as family transport, writes Matt Calvitto

Super Uber: Houston, we have a problem

Did I mention that I got into strife from Uber the other day. It was after the biggest day I’ve had as a driver so far – Anzac Day. It’s the day most...

Super Uber: the devil is in the detail

We’re not really sure if being an Uber driver is worth the hassle…

Super Uber hits the road for the first time

After five weeks of waiting I finally got the all clear to drive for Uber. I was beginning to think they might reject me. Me? But then I got the email:...

It’s Super Uber: we sign up to drive

We take the Uber challenge After 30 years as a journalist with News Limited I was tapped on the shoulder just before Christmas. My position had been made redundant....

Would Your Car Choose You?

Skoda Superb chooses its owners