Ford Falcon XD

THROWBACK AD: Ford Falcon XD 1979


Ford Australia turned to Europe for the Ford Falcon XD range

The year was 1979, and Ford Australia released a brand new generation of Ford Falcon to the Australian public, that was the Ford Falcon XD.

The Ford Falcon XD was a radical departure from its predecessors which had been based upon, or at the very least had been influenced by American models. The XC series that the XD replaced almost adopted an American muscle-car look, particularly in the two door hardtop/coupe form.

The Falcon XD was drastically different. Ford Australia’s design and engineering team had to be conscious of the times – oil was expensive, but Australian families still wanted plenty of space and comfort and like Holden had done with the VB Commodore, Ford had to go smaller.

As a result, the design and engineering teams turned to Europe for inspiration, borrowing lines from the Ford Granada, and the Falcon XD shared the same headlights. Designers were also influenced by the brands mentioned in the ad, but we’re not truly convinced that there’s a whole lot of Porsche in that boxy shape, some Volvo 200 Series perhaps.

Packaging had improved, the XD was smaller than the XC but offered almost identical interior room. A number of engines were available: an entry-level 3.3 litre straight six, a 4.1 litre straight six, a 4.9 litre V8 and a big-block 5.8 litre V8. A host of transmissions were offered: a three speed t-bar automatic, a three-speed manual column shift for six-cylinder models and a conventional four-speed manual.

While Ford had dumped the coupe, the Falcon XD could be had in sedan, wagon, ute or panel van body styles.

Production ended in 1982 when the Falcon XD was replaced by the Falcon XE.

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