How the HD Holden was nearly the EF (Holden that is)

The HD Holden had a colourful history.

Chrysler Thunderbolt like something out of a sci-fi movie

The Chrysler Thunderbolt was way ahead of its time

Original Mini Remastered (without the bad bits)

Mini Remastered. The old Mini, just better.

Holy trinity of Aussie V8s up for grabs

If you love your V8s, especially good old Aussie V8 muscle – you’ll want to keep a close eye on Shannon’s next auction in Melbourne on May 8.

GM stole T-Top roof for the Corvette

TASCO was ahead of its time with the T-Top

Three of a kind Mazda RX-7s up for grabs

Good things come in threes, especially when it comes to these delicious Mazda RX-7s

Reborn Jaguar E-Type to pounce in Germany

Imagine being able to buy a brand new Jaguar E-Type, well almost new anyway? Well now you can!

The man who saved the Ford V8

All Ford V8 fans ought to take a moment to remember Chase Morsey.

Bufori, the little-known Australian Sports Car

Bufori is a little-known Australian/Malaysian manufacturer of gorgeous sportsters 

Chrysler ‘batmobile’ targets Chevrolet Corvette

Wild Plymouth XNR Concept Car was Chrysler’s answer to the Corvette