1970 Plymouth Cuda Packs Huge Cummins Diesel

1970 Plymouth Cuda nicknamed “Torc” is powered by a 1,118kW 6.7 litre Cummins turbo diesel

South African Tuning Firm Creates Ultimate Land Cruiser FJ40 Hot Rod

South African tuning house Allers Rods and Customs has created one beastly Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Hot Rod

The 1946 Chevy Pick Up with a Toyota Prius Drivetrain

Most modded classic cars have a ginormous V8 under the bonnet. Not this 1946 Chevy Pick Up

Edsel was a gigantic flop for Ford

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the release of the Edsel. Conceived in the USA in the mid 50s, the Edsel was supposed to be Ford’s medium priced car with high...

Pretty in pink but women didn’t fall for the Dodge La Femme

Unveiled in 1955, the La Femme was Dodge’s idea of how to appeal to the growing numbers of female drivers and car buyers. It’s one of the earliest examples of...

Suddenly . . . it’s 1960 – best campaign of all time!

‘Suddenly, it’s 1960 . . . ‘ It is 60 years since one of the most evocative automotive advertisements of all time hit the American TV screens and...

Henry Ford sent Hal and his minivan packing

Yikes! It’s hard to believe that Chrysler’s Minivan is now considered a genuine classic. You might not think so, but by any classic car definition the people...

Ford’s Gyron balanced on two wheels

In the 1950s and early 1960s General Motors, Chrysler and Ford raced each other to develop increasingly outlandish dream cars which they claimed we would drive in the...


 The Holden EH was the best priced six-cylinder sedan in Australia at the time

Big Buick has ‘Electrafying’ effect

There is nothing small about John Gerdtz’s 1978 Buick Electra Park Avenue 225 two-door coupe. So long, so wide and so white is this Buick that it is probably visible...