Hyundai Elantra SR Review

Hyundai Elantra SR a swift, agile and well-rounded small sedan

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Hyundai Genesis Ultimate is Hyundai’s finest effort in luxury

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Hyundai Sonata Premium a refined and tech-laden value for money package 

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Hyundai Accent Active is cheap, solid and sensible, if a little bland

Hyundai Elantra Review

Hyundai Elantra a sharp and talented small car offering

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Hyundai Tucson Elite a great SUV with strong road manners and performance, but a strange equipment list

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Hyundai Santa Fe Highlander Series II nip-tuck helps it retain its place as a top SUV pick

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Hyundai Tucson Active X is good value, well equipped, thoughtfully packaged and a great drive.

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Hyundai Santa Fe SR makeover brings more aggressive styling and better driveability to the Hyundai Santa Fe, but value is in question

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The Hyundai Veloster SR Turbo + Series II now a truly desirable sports car