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BMW 430i GranCoupe M Sport Review



Spacious, stylish and powerful, the BMW 430i GranCoupe M Sport could be the thinking person’s 4 Series.

What is it?

The BMW 4 Series GranCoupe, with the high pressure four-cylinder 2.0 litre turbo and the M Sport package, making it the 430i GranCoupe M Sport.

The BMW range is booming with model variants at the moment, and the 4 Series initially started out as two door coupe and convertible alternatives to the 3 Series sedan and wagon. But then BMW introduced this version, the GranCoupe.

Now, the 4 Series isn’t a coupe in the traditional sense, as it has five doors and a liftback rear, it does have a slinky silhouette, presumably giving the car its name.

What’s it cost?

The BMW 4 Series GranCoupe range starts with the a BMW 420i GranCoupe Luxury which is priced from $68,900 – manual and auto are the same price – and climbs to the bahnstorming 440i GranCoupe which starts from $99,900, exclusive on on road costs and other charges.

Our test car had a base price of $79,000 plus on road costs, but was also fitted with an electric glass sunroof ($2,920) and the Innovations Package ($3,900) which includes adaptive cruise with stop go function, collision warning, light city braking, automated parking, heated front seats, multifunction instrument display and a Harmon/Kardon stereo.

Metallic paint was an extra $1,937.

What’s it go like?

The 2.0 litre turbocharged and intercooled four-cylinder engine that powers the 430i develops an impressive 185kW @ 5200rpm and 350Nm @ 1450-4800rpm. What’s more impressive is that the 430i will rocket from 0-100km/h in 5.9 seconds. We believe these claims. Doesn’t sound half bad, either.

That turbo engine is mated to an eight speed automatic, which sends power to the rear wheels.

Overall the drivetrain is willing and eager, that power band is satisfyingly broad and it feels that 430i is ready to respond to even the subtlest of driver inputs. Fuel economy was jaw-dropping. In a good way. BMW cites an official combined fuel consumption 5.8 litres per 100 kilometres, we averaged 6.5 litres. Not bad for a car of this size and with the aforementioned performance figures.

Handling is excellent. The steering is direct and wonderfully communicative and the 430i is delight down winding country roads, but it must be said, it’s a rather handy thing around town, too.

Body control is tight, and there’s very little roll, endowing the 430i with a great deal of poise and composition.

BMW has fitted cameras to the front quarters of the 4 Series. These provide the driver with improved visibility when trying to negotiate intersections. We thought the system worked well, and it does bolster driver confidence and decision making.

Ride quality is firm – run flat tyres are standard – but it never disintegrates to the point where it’ll rattle your fillings.

What’s it like inside?

BMW seems to be a little conservative, traditional but highly intelligent when it comes to ergonomics and interior design. The driver feels ensconced by the dash, the instrument cluster sports large, clear dials, and the heads up display is as informative as you’d like it to be.

Then there’s the iDrive system, which, put simply, is wonderful both in user friendliness and presentation. The few shortcut keys and circular controller make finding functions on that colour display a doddle. And the graphics are stunningly crisp, clear and sharp.

The system offers users lots of choice too, including access to internet based apps and it can even read you the news. How convenient.

That Harmon/Kardon stereo is both powerful and an aural joy.

Quality of all materials is excellent both to the eye and to the touch, and nothing felt sub-par for a car with an $80k odd sticker price.

Interior space is decent, despite that swooping roofline. Front passengers should be able to make themselves comfortable more than quickly enough. But, up the back, while the seats themselves are plush and supportive, rear leg room is a little restricted thanks to that relatively compact wheelbase and rear-wheel drive layout. And although there are three seatbelts in the second row, a tall transmission tunnel means that you’ll struggle to get a third passenger in the middle.

The boot is generously proportioned and spacious at 480 litres of capacity.

What we like:

  • Driving experience
  • Comfort
  • Tech
  • Versatility

What we don’t:

  • Backseat can be tight
  • Innovations Package needs to be standard
  • Adaptive cruise control can be slow to respond to surrounding traffic
  • Some aspects of interior design are a little conservative

Sale or no sale?

If you need space, style, luxury, technology, grunt and impressive frugality, then yes, you should buy a BMW 430i GranCoupe M Sport.


Price: $79,000

Warranty: Three years/unlimited kilometres

Safety: Five star ANCAP

Engine: 185kW @ 5200rpm and 350Nm @ 1450-4800rpm

Transmission: Eight-speed automatic, rear-wheel drive

Fuel consumption: 5.8L/100km

Dimensions: 4640 (L), 1825 (W), 1389 (H) and 2810 (WB)

Weight: 1540kg

Spare: Run flats

Country of origin: Germany


  • Wow Factor9
  • Performance9
  • On the Road9
  • Comfort9
  • Value for Money9
  • 9


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