Suzuki Baleno GLX

Suzuki Baleno GLX Preview


Suzuki has a crack at the small car segment with the all-new Suzuki Baleno

The small car segment in Australia is a busy one filled with a variety of strong offerings. Especially the likes of the haloed Toyota Corolla and the ever popular Hyundai i30. Cars like these are many things to many people – they’re comfortable, good value for money, spacious enough for most and generally cheap to own and run.

Stealing marketshare from established heavyweights such as the Corolla and i30 sounds like an ambitious task, especially from a small manufacturer such as Suzuki. Enter the all-new Suzuki Baleno, Suzuki’s contribution to the jostling small car market.

We’re sampling the ranging topping Suzuki Baleno GLX with Suzuki’s new three-cylinder turbocharged engine. To date, we’ve found the Baleno to be very spacious inside, offering excellent accommodation for passengers in the front, it’s acceptably equipped too with single zone climate control, satellite navigation, Apple CarPlay and automatic headlights.

The turbo triple motor is another talking point, especially when virtually all rivals only offer four-cylinder powerplants. The triple not only offers a point of difference, but does so with strong performance and a surprisingly satisfying exhaust note.

But is the Baleno a rival to the other players? Find out in our full review coming soon.

Suzuki Baleno GLX rear

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