PREVIEW: Toyota Camry SL


All-new imported Toyota Camry has rejuvenated the Camry brand

The Toyota Camry has earned itself a reputation for being solid, reliable, comfortable medium-sized car. While it was never a bad car, it was never a car you wanted. Private buyers often bought it for the above mentioned qualities and fleet buyers snapped them up because they were made in Australia.

Times have changed. Toyota has shut its Australian production facilities and now imports the Camry range from Japan. It’s the first time a Camry has been imported in nearly 30 years, and the new generation of Camry will change the way you look at Camry. Really.

We’re driving the top of the range Camry SL and we can confirm that it is still well made, quiet and comfortable. But it also looks sharp and aggressive, its laden with tech, the interior is gorgeous (again, really) and gasp, it’s great to drive – and not just by Camry standards, but medium sedan standards.

Is this a Camry you’d actually want to buy? Stay tuned for a full review to find out.


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