Mazda CX-3 Akari Preview


Little Mazda CX-3 Akari a jack of all trades

This week brings the new Mazda CX-3 Akari to The Motoring Guru garage. The Akari is the most expensive and luxurious of the CX-3 models, and our test car is fitted with a 1.5 litre turbo diesel and all-wheel drive.

The CX-3’s interior immediately impresses with cream leather and black, red and suede highlights. There’s also a swathe of technology too including lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring and even a heads up display but weirdly, the seats can only be adjust manually.

The diesel engine provides ample performance while being smooth, if a little noisy but the CX-3’s dimensions and tidy handling make it an ideal tool for battling the urban jungle.

Our time to date with the CX-3 has been brief, but it’s winning us over already.

Full review soon.

CX-3 Akari rear

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