Kia Sorento Platinum

Kia Sorento Platinum Preview


Should one splash their cash on the top of the range Kia Sorento Platinum?

Carmakers often sell their models in a number of different trim levels to suit a variety of budgets and customer needs. However, in many cases, bases models can feel under-equipped and spartan and top of the range models might be that little bit too expensive. That often leaves the middle of the range model as the best compromise between value and price.

The Kia Sorento SLi sits in the middle of the Kia Sorento family and when we sampled it last year, we were impressed by is comfort, drivability, build quality and value. The leather seats, woodgrain, climate control and satellite navigation and other equipment made the SLi package feel more than substantial for its $49,490 price tag.

But what if you had an extra $6,000 to spend? That’d get you the flagship Kia Sorento Platinum which we are testing this week.  The Platinum adds technology such as adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning as well as heated and cooled front seats along with a heated steering wheel and prettier alloys on top of the SLi package.

To date, the cruise control’s operation has been effortless and the blind spot monitoring system is one of the most effective we’ve sampled. Read our forthcoming review later in the week to see if you should go Platinum.

Kia Sorento Platinum

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