Kia Rondo S preview front view

Kia Rondo S Preview


Kia Rondo S could fill the void for young families that are just too big and busy for a small hatch, but don’t want the bulk of a full-size MPV or SUV

The Kia Rondo is one of those cars that fits into an interesting niche – it’s only slightly bigger than the Kia Cerato, but isn’t as bulky around town or during the school run as the Carnival and Sorento.

The Carnival and Sorento are both excellent, but our Kia Rondo S test car for this week is starting to make a lot of sense as a family car for those who may need to cart around children small children and all their associated paraphernalia and are on a fairly tight budget.

The smallish exterior hides a cavernous interior, with huge amounts of head and legroom. The rear sides all slide and fold individually and the boot is huge too.

In a typical Kia fashion, the Rondo’s build quality is excellent, but the Rondo S well and truly feels like the base model, with slabs of black plastic. And that petrol engine likes to make itself heard, to say the least.

So is the Kia Rondo S ideal if not left-of-centre family transport? Find out in our full review coming soon. UPDATE – Kia Rondo S Review
Kia Rondo S preview rear view



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