Hyundai Tucson Active X Preview


New Hyundai Tucson Active X begins to impress

The Hyundai Tucson is inarguably one of the most highly talked about cars of the year and builds upon Hyundai’s very solid-and very popular- effort that was the ix35.

We’re testing the somewhere-in-the-middle of the range Hyundai Tucson Active X, which is powered by at two-litre petrol working with a six-speed automatic to drive the front wheels.

Initial impressions have been strong-styling is modern and fresh, build quality is of a typical Hyundai standard and perhaps the biggest surprise are the seats which are supremely comfortable.

Performance from the drivetrain is surprisingly ample and power delivery is both smooth and linear.

What else is there to know? Find out in the full review coming soon.

Hyundai Tucson ActiveX rear preview

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