Hyundai i30 SR front

Hyundai i30 SR Series II Preview


Hyundai i30 SR is said to be the sportiest i30 of them all…

The Hyundai i30 has been a phenomenal success for the Korean brand, and rightly so-it’s well made, relatively good value, has a long warranty and is more than acceptable to drive. There are a number of spec levels too: the base Active, the luxury on a budget Active X, the posh Elite and Premium models and finally, our car of this week, the “sporty” Hyundai i30 SR.

Hyundai i30 SR rear

The Hyundai i30 SR shares the 2.0 litre petrol motor and six-speed automatic with the highly specified Elite and Premium models. Although Hyundai’s website and marketing material frequently insists that the Hyundai i30 SR is a “sports car.” like the rest of Hyundai’s SR badged models. Like a wealth of other marketing material, these claims are a little, well, exaggerated.

However, the 2.0 litre engine chucks out 124kW and is a likeable, energetic unit; a welcome change from the coarse and sluggish 1.8 litre lump found in lesser models, although it isn’t quite enough to grant the i30 SR sports car status.

The i30 SR is well equipped, with an excellent reversing camera and satellite navigation system-which helped us avoid the worst of Melbourne’s morning peak hour traffic, dual zone climate control and even a little diffuser at the back to let you know that if a member of the i30 family would go to the gym, this one would be it.

Full review soon.

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