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Skoda Superb chooses its owners

Automotive advertising generally consists of a new car coasting through an architecturally appealing city, a racetrack or rugged wilderness – depending on the car’s intended purpose, of course.

Car manufacturers want to appeal to a certain audience and tailor their promotional material accordingly, through the use of (generally) very carefully chosen imagery, sounds and scripts.

A sports car’s growl almost always plays a key role in advertisement soundtracks, an SUV’s interior flexibility is flaunted by squads of children clambering in and out with ease with all their paraphernalia in toe. These images fit with a customer’s sense of self, their ideal and an image they wish to project to others.

The sports car makes a feel good and the SUV most often can be a reflection of our reproductive fitness and adherence to family values or a sense of adventure, regardless of whether we do or don’t leave the tarmac.

Correctly portraying these values are what lure prospective customers online, into showrooms and hopefully for the manufacturer – handing over a considerable wad of cash.

Skoda, however, has taken a remarkably different approach to advertising its new Skoda Superb.  Skoda is almost the ALDI of the automotive world – European quality at realistic prices. And in Skoda’s advertising campaign for the new Superb there’s no hyperbole and there certainly aren’t any traditionally cues that want to make buyers sign on that dotted line.

Rather, through the use of humour, and lightly sledging some European counterparts and their customer bases, Skoda uses a Superb to pick its owners, and they are remarkably normal people: families on middle incomes and people who aren’t show offs. Perhaps even more remarkably, the advertisement almost blatantly states that Skoda isn’t interested in stealing BMW’s customers, something which a large number of manufacturers work tirelessly to do.

We won’t remember the dreary Sydney suburb in which the ad was filmed, but we’ll remember the clever humour, the man with the white teeth and the lady with the “lovely golden tan.” Perhaps for Skoda, we’ll remember the new Superb because we’re normal people and we’re not vain, and we’re not orange.


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