VW Multivan Gets Porsche Turbo the TH Automobile TH2


German tuner TH Automobile stuffs a Porsche turbo into a VW Multivan and calls it the TH2 

Volkswagen Multivans are traditionally plush, practical and spacious, but are often powered by something mundane, such as a small diesel.

Not the TH2 from German tuner TH Automobile. Oh no. The TH2 gets a 3.6 litre flat six from a 997 Porsche 911 and in this guise it produces 427kW. Hardly mundane.

This isn’t the most powerful TH Automobile creation. TH has a tendency to stuff different Porsche engines into different vans. For example, there’s the TH2RS with a 573kW engine, fitted with a lighter body, and a top-speed of 310km/h, or the 353kW TH3 which is actually a ute-style van capable of 270km/h. Mental.

The TH2 also borrows the 911’s transmission and chassis with the T5 Multivan body lowered on top. As the TH2 uses the 911’s chassis, that means the engine is in the rear, just like an old-school Kombi. Just faster.

Inside, there’s a 911 steering wheel to remind you you’re driving something mental, lots of wood and leather and six individual seats, meaning this special Multivan has the ability to terrify the whole family at once.

If you’re interested in an insanely fast people mover, you’ll be delighted to know that the TH2 has been listed on German car classifieds website

TH Automobile said the car was custom made for a client over two years for a price of €250,000 (AUD$400K), but the TH2 is listed for €139,800, or AUD$224K.

Anyone keen?

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