Volvo to Monitor Drunk Drivers


Volvo’s safety push continues with cameras that can detect if a driver is intoxicated 

Volvo continues its safety push, by revealing a new safety system that can tell if a driver has had one too many drinks before getting behind the wheel.

The system comprises of a camera and a number of sensors throughout the cabin that determine if a driver is intoxicated by monitoring a number of parameters such as extended periods of time without steering input, drivers not looking at the road (or have their eyes closed altogether), slow reaction times and weaving in and between lanes.

If the car picks up on any or all of these signs, it can take evasive action in a number of ways: it can call Volvo’s on call assistance service, limit the car’s speed or in extreme circumstances take control of the car and bring it safely to a complete stop.

According to Volvo, drink driving is one of three key factors that lead to road accidents, the others being excessive speed and distraction. The Swedish brand is on a mission to find ways to address all three.

The introduction of the new drink driver detecting technology forms part of Volvo’s “Vision 2020” pledge, that aims to stamp out traffic accident fatalities in new Volvo cars by 2020.

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