Volvo electric

Volvo to Dump Diesel


Volvo will abandon diesel engine technology in favour of electrification

Volvo Car Corporation has confirmed that the diesel engine fitted to its all new XC60 SUV will be the final generation of diesel engines that Volvo will produce before the Swedish brand powers towards electric propulsion.

Volvo’s drivetrain boss Lutz Stiegler told Wheels that the current generation of diesels will be in production for the next five to ten years, then the focus will be on electricity ““Diesel will be around for the next five to 10 years. Electrification is our future, but for now we must build the cars our customers want.”

It isn’t all bad news though, Volvo has shown us that it can do with hybrid drivetrains in the form of the new XC90 T8 which is frugal, refined and seriously rapid.

Volvo diesel

The clock is ticking for the Volvo diesel engine

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