Volkswagen I.D Buzz

Volkswagen I.D Buzz Confirmed for Production


Reborn Volkswagen Microbus, the Volkswagen I.D Buzz, will go on sale from 2022

Volkswagen has announced that the spiritual successor to the much-loved (especially by hippies) Volkswagen Microbus, the Volkswagen I.D Buzz will make it into production, with initial deliveries taking place from around 2022.

That rear-mounted boxer engine has been ditched for electric motors and a battery pack. The battery pack will be mounted under the floor, improving the not only interior space, but the I.D Buzz’s overall shape.

Drivetrain specifics have yet to be confirmed, but the concept car’s electric drivetrain consists of two motors, one on each axle and total power output is said to be around 275kW; a full charge could last around 430 kilometres, or around a week’s worth of driving.

The interior will be groovy – we couldn’t resist, with a variety of infotainment and connectivity options, and passengers are said to be able to save their preferences for the sound system, seating and other settings to a cloud. That’s in the concept version at least. Whether the cloud tech will be available in the production car is yet to be announced. There’ll be Level 3 autonomous driving technology, too.

Volkswagen will also spawn two other electric models: the I.D a hatchback and the I.D Buzz Cargo, all due around 2022.

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