Toyota and Mazda

Toyota and Mazda to Join Forces


Toyota and Mazda to open a factory together, as well as develop electric cars along with entertainment and safety technology

Toyota and Mazda have together announced that they will be sharing capital –Mazda will buy out 0.25 per cent of Toyota, and Toyota will buy out 5.05 per cent of Mazda – and resources to produce electric cars, infotainment systems and safety technology in the near future.

The new technologies are said to include vehicle to vehicle communication and vehicle to infrastructure tech. These technologies are said to assist both manufacturers reduce that number of accidents that occur in their vehicles.

As for the fully electric car, the joint venture will reduce costs, allowing Toyota and Mazda to pass savings on to the customer, thus boosting their position in the marketplace.

Information on the all-new electric car is scarce, but it is believed that the Toyota offshoot won’t see the light of day until sometime in the next decade.

The duo will also be opening a manufacturing facility in the United States, which will come online from 2021, and the factory will produce various different models including the Corolla for the American market. It is unknown as to whether any of the vehicles produced at this facility will be sold in Australia. But it will give both brands greater possibility, so the potential is definitely there.

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