Toyota GR HV

Toyota Teases Toyota GR HV Hybrid Sports Car


Toyota reveals initial details of the Toyota GR HV petrol electric sports car with manual shift function, ahead of the Tokyo motor show 

Something very special is in the works at Toyota. They’re going to be revealing the Toyota GR HV at the Tokyo motor show. The Toyota GR HV has a petrol-electric drivetrain that has been inspired by Toyota’s Racing TS050 Hybrid, that competes in the World Endurance Championships and if it goes into production – which is yet to be confirmed – could offer customers environmentally friendly thrills.

And to ensure that the GR HV handles – handling isn’t often a priority in hybrids – Toyota has fitted the petrol engine up front and the battery for the hybrid drivetrain in the middle for optimal weight distribution and centre of gravity.

The Toyota GR HV appears to be based on the Toyota 86, but that bespoke styling which consists of LED headlights, five bolt wheels and rear diffuser have also been inspired by the TS050 Hybrid; there’s a targa top for those who like a “wind in the hair” driving experience.

And it’ll be quick. And rear-wheel drive. Toyota says the GR HV will rocket from 0-100km/h within the four second range and here’s the interesting thing the GR HV is fitted with a six-speed automatic. But, push a button and the GR HV becomes a GR HV becomes a H pattern six-speed manual.

There still may be hope for the manual transmission yet.

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