The 1946 Chevy Pick Up with a Toyota Prius Drivetrain


Most modded classic cars have a ginormous V8 under the bonnet. Not this 1946 Chevy Pick Up

THERE are classic trucks – and classic trucks.

In Ohio, Joe Winter has a 1946 Chevrolet pickup, in itself a vehicle to push the nostalgia button in older folk and make younger people appreciate a model of American class.

What makes Joe’s Chevy different is that instead of a 228 cubic inch 3.7litre straight six under the bonnet it and a three-speed manual gearbox, it runs on a Toyota Prius hybrid powertrain.

Winter says he always had a thing for something different, so he set about creating just that.

Despite the clash of cultures, he worked hard to retain the looks of the classic Chevy truck, while hiding everything Prius.

More than just an engine transplant, the Chevy is now literally a Toyota Prius under the skin.

Power supply, eCVT, the lot, is all-Prius.

The sub-frame from the Prius has been used and the Chevy pickup now drives through its front wheels.

Even the digital dashboard of the little Toyota is tucked away behind the glass dials of the original instruments.

Winter says he was surprised at how well things simply bolted up or cleared various portions of the 71-year-old truck while he was figuring out how to install various Prius components.

He took the finished product to a classic car lawn event, where the truck gained plenty of attention, despite gliding along on only the hum of electric power from the Prius battery pack.

So far he’s not copped any criticism, although he reckons he might get a bit from the combustion engine diehards.

So if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the ’46 Chevy remains a (very quiet) star.


Bill Buys fell in love with cars at age 8, when he saw one of his relatives racing in a Bugatti in South Africa. He has driven, raced and/or rallied just about every vehicle from Autobianchi to Zundapp since he was first published in the UK’s Motor Sport magazine, in 1956. He is now probably Australia’s oldest (or, if you prefer, most experienced) motoring writer.