Tesla Model S P90D Versus Boeing 737-800


QANTAS pits a Boeing 737-800 against a Tesla Model S P90D

Tesla has become renowned as a game changing pioneer in the international automotive industry, developing vehicles that are  only powered by electricity, are beautiful to behold, luxurious and in many (most) cases are incredibly quick. That electrical propulsion is also a nod to environmental conservation as their cars do away with fossil fuels.

Airline QANTAS also sees itself as a business that is working towards greater environmental responsibility, and have recently formed an alliance with Tesla.

To celebrate such a partnership, QANTAS lined up one of their Boeing 737-800 jets against Tesla’s newest version of their Model S luxury sedan, the Model S P90D for a little drag race. The Tesla Model S P90D kicks out a mind-boggling 568kW and can launch from 0-100km/h with Ludicrous mode engaged.

The results are certainly interesting. Happy viewing.

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