Sentry Mode

Future Teslas to have Built in Dash Cam with Sentry Mode


After market dash cams could be a thing of the past for Tesla owners thanks to Sentry Mode

Tesla could have effectively made aftermarket dash cams a thing of the past for its customers, with the introduction of its latest software update, called “Sentry Mode.”

Sentry Mode essentially allows customers to record and save footage via a front mounted camera, which forms part of the car’s Enhanced AutoPilot system. Sentry Mode will be available on all Model 3s equipped with Enhanced AutoPilot.

According to the Tesla owner’s manual “You can now record and store video footage captured by the car’s forward facing camera onto a USB flash drive. Note that you must manually add a base level folder in the flash drive called TeslaCam before it can be used for Dashcam. Refer to the owner’s manual for details on how to use Dashcam.”

Sentry Mode was announced via Twitter, where Tesla boss Elon Musk tweeted “Sentry mode coming soon for all cars with Enhanced Autopilot.” The update will come remotely for all Tesla cars that have the Autopilot 2.0+ hardware. When enabled it will allow owners to have access to a 360-degree dashcam capable of recording the previous 10 minutes of activity. Giving more ability to owners to resolve those car-park dings!”

Handy. All carmakers should introduce a similar systems to make everyone’s lives that bit easier.

Sentry Mode

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