Tesla Releases in Car Fart Machine


Tesla has launched a new Easter Egg, called “Emissions Testing Mode” which is basically an in car fart machine 

Tesla is on a mission to become the world’s most sustainable and fun car company. And, to honour the fun part, they’ve released a range of Easter Eggs, or novelty features. There’s an Atari racing game that can be played using the car’s controls, Romance Mode which displays a roaring fire on the car’s central screen and pumps hot air out of the vents to help you and a special someone get a little intimate. It’ll even play some sexy music to get you in the mood.

The latest Easter Egg isn’t a video game, nor is it sexy. It’s actually rather funny – if a little juvenile – and it’s called Emissions Testing Mode. Emissions Testing Mode essentially turns your car into a fart machine. Really. The feature has a number of different farts to choose from, each named after something related to one of Musk’s ventures or interests or Tesla itself. For instance, there’s one bad-ass fart (pardon the pun) called Ludicrous Fart, which has been named after the Ludicrous Mode on Tesla’s Model S and Model X P100D cars.

Said digital farts can be dispersed in a couple of ways: the driver can select which corner the car will play the cheeky toots, pranking unsuspecting passengers or they can replace the indicator tone with a collection of fart noises.

Click the video to see and hear this new Easter Egg in action:

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