First Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Details Revealed


Tesla brings the electric car to the people with the Tesla Model 3

The first Tesla Model 3 deliveries have commenced in the U.S and, the Model 3 will be Tesla’s cheapest car, and in theory, the most desirable all-electric car.

Prices will kick off at around $50,000 Australia when the Model 3 makes its way to Australia in 2019. It won’t be slow either, and Tesla says the Model 3 will zoom from 0-100km/h in just 5.6 seconds, with a top speed of 209km/h.

Range anxiety shouldn’t be a huge issue either, with maximum range quoted as 220 miles or around 354 kilometres, enough to see you through the week. If you drive gently. And don’t try to attained the claimed 0-100 sprint time.

Unlike the Model S and Model X, the Model 3 will only be available with rear-wheel drive.

Should you run low on juice, the Model 3’s battery pack can be recharged at a rate of 130 miles – 209 kilometres – per 30 minutes using one of Tesla’s Superchargers, or a charger connected to phase three power at home.

Speaking of superchargers, Model 3 owners won’t have the luxury of recharging their cars for free unlike their Model S and Model X owning contemporaries. Rather, they’ll have to purchase credits should the need to use a public supercharging stations. A conventional charger is also supplied that is compatible with a 240V power outlet, and that’ll charge your Model 3 at a more lacklustre 48 kilometres per hour.

A Long Range Battery, which extends the Model 3’s range to 498km can be had for $9,000 (US).

The Model 3’s standard equipment list is pretty generous, you get that centrally mounted 15 inch colour screen which will also display all essential driver information including road speed and range, climate, satellite navigation, Wi-Fi, eight cameras mounted around the car to assist the driver in monitoring their surroundings, autonomous emergency braking, reversing camera and a suite of airbags.

Tesla insists they have built the safest car in the compact prestige class, which is a big call considering the Model 3 will be competing against the likes of the Jaguar XE, Mercedes C-Class and BMW 3-Series.

As the Model 3 will be Tesla’s first mass produced car, they’ve had to clamp down on the customisation options, as opposed to Model S and Model X customers who can go a bit mad.

Model 3 customers can select Enhanced Autopilot for $5,000 (US) which allows the Model 3 to self-park, change lanes and transition from different freeways all by itself. Add another $3,000 (US) and your Tesla Model 3 will be able to drive itself with the aptly  Full Self-Driving Capability, the availability of this feature is depends on the customer’s location and legal approval.

Those wanting more luxury can opt for the Premium Upgrades Package for $5,000 (US). This pack includes heated seats and mirrors, additional USB ports, a bigger stereo, a glass roof, LED fog lamps and a better centre console.

A number of colours and two wheel choices will be available.

The Tesla Model 3 is backed by a four year vehicle warranty and there’s an eight year warranty on the battery.

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