2017 Tesla Model S front

Tesla Announces Eight Year Warranty


Tesla believes their cars are more reliable than their more conventional rivals, so they’ve backed their cars with an eight-year warranty 

Tesla is somewhat an automotive industry wild child – the brand itself has only been around for 10 years or so, but in that time they’ve developed a reputation for electric cars that are not only fast, but some of the most technologically advanced cars on the planet.

Now, Tesla has made the bold claim that their electric cars are more reliable than rivals with conventional engines. To support their claim, all Tesla Model S and Model X models are covered by an eight-year/160,000 kilometre warranty.

The warranty covers electrical and mechanical parts that may fail as a result of manufacturing defects during the warranty terms. The new warranty is in addition to the existing eight-year unlimited kilometre guarantee on the lithium ion battery and drivetrain warranty.

Tesla says that the new warranty not only reflects their belief that their products are more reliable and offer greater peace of mind that their petrol powered rivals, but the inclusion of such a guarantee could improve owner satisfaction and length of vehicle ownership.

Additionally, should a customer wish to sell their car during the warranty period, the balance of the warranty will be transferred to the new owner, improving resale value for the seller.

Moreover, the extra coverage includes eight years of roadside assist.

Let’s hope the volume-selling Tesla Model 3 will be offered with the same warranty.

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