Subaru Do store

Subaru Rolls Out Subaru “DO” Shopping Experience


Subaru to roll out Subaru “DO”  retail outlets in shopping centres across Australia 

Buying a new car could soon be as simple as a trip to the shops, with Subaru Australia planning to establish Subaru DO retail outlets at shopping centres across the country. The first DO store – “DO” encompassing Subaru’s future design and technological direction – has opened at Pacific Werribee, and has been designed to allow customers to shop for a new car in a relaxed and informal environment.

Three cars are on display in the store, an Impreza, Forester and Outback, with each model representing a different facet of the Subaru brand, with the key elements being technology, lifestyle and performance.

The store also has interactive touchscreens so customers can browse other models in the range, driving simulators, a dining table, stories that document Subaru’s history, merchandise, sporting gear such as bikes and canoes along with other products that allow customers to become immersed in the Subaru brand.

Should one want to take a test drive, there a six car spaces reserved at the shopping centre  so customers can take their potential new wheels for a spin without visiting a conventional dealership.

Subaru expects that the store in Pacific Werribee will sell between 40 to 50 cars per month, with another store to open in Sydney’s Castle Towers Shopping Centre. Additional stores are planned for metropolitan growth areas across the country.

Subaru Australia’s Managing Director, Colin Christie said: “We see retaining existing customers as vital making sure we are offering them value as a brand. We regard the value as whole of life costs from point of purchase, servicing and selling the car, to even repurchasing another Subaru.

The store increases the mental availability of the Subaru brand. For example, we have had people walk into the Werribee store and saying that they would have never considered the brand if it wasn’t for the convenient presence in the shopping centre.

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