Police Ferrari 458

Seized Ferrari 458 Becomes Italian Cop Car


Ferrari 458 brings style and substance to Italian police force

ITALIAN police are going about their business in Milan in style, thanks to the Mafia.

They recently seized 30 cars and motorcycles in an anti-crime sweep, and local law allows the authorities to keep vehicles known to have be used in criminal activities.

Among the seized cars was a Ferrari 458 Spider, which the police reckon will have a two-fold effect: it will show youth that crime doesn’t pay – and it has the performance to catch just about any potential getaway car.

The 458 has been decked out in red and green Polizia livery, making it a most arresting sight.

The Ferrari is the latest of police supercars, following the Lamborghini Huracán recently acquired by the country’s Highway Patrol.

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