Second Generation Kia K900 Teased


Kia reveals preview image of all-new Kia K900 luxury limo ahead of official debut

Kia has released a teaser image – one of the car’s side profile – of the second generation Kia K900, Kia’s most expensive, biggest and most luxurious model.

The first gen K900 was not sold locally, but the car shared quite a lot with Hyundai’s limo, the Genesis, including the Genesis’ 5.0 litre V8 in the U.S market.

The all-new Kia K900 is said to include a wealth of technologies and design improvements that protect and pamper occupants, as well as giving the driver more confidence behind the wheel.

The second generation Kia K900 was developed by Kia’s engineering teams in Korea and the U.S and it will be made in Korea.

While the original K900 wasn’t sold down under, it is interesting that Kia Australia is leaking images to the Australian public. The Australian luxury car market was a different place a couple of years ago, and if you wanted a big limo – especially with a V8 – at a reasonable price, you’d buy a Holden Caprice.

But as the Caprice has sadly departed, it has left space in the market for new contenders. And if Kia brings a decently priced V8 limo down under, they could be onto another winner.

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