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Rinspeed Oasis Concept adds new meaning to the word ‘Green’


Rinspeed does it again with its wacky Rinspeed Oasis concept

Garden plot on wheels for the urban jungle

You can always count on Switzerland’s Rinspeed to come up with a new spin on the daily driver.

It’s aptly named Oasis is an ingenious self-driving electric vehicle for the city and surrounding areas.

With its large glazed areas and shrouds on the front wheels, the refined and swift two-seat runabout looks rather futuristic and they reckon is somewhat reminiscent of a modern interpretation of famous Star Wars icon R2D2.

They both can turn on their wheels with almost a zero radius.

In the case of the “Oasis,” thanks to a special steering angle, two in-wheel electric motors and torque vectoring – all developed by ZF on Lake Constance.

It’s the 32rd concept vehicle to emerge from the company.

The ultimate eye-catcher this time around is the small garden located behind the windscreen with enough space for growing radishes or even little Bonsai trees.

Automotive supplier Kostal adds the element of nature to the car to make it a true third space.

“Home+Garden” becomes “Car+Garden” – brought together by a custom removable planter.

The small garden plot is just one of features that creates a new living space in the interior of the car.

Armchairs, sideboard and TV provide a modern living room ambience in white.

In the “Oasis,” the journey becomes the destination

A little bit out there?

Perhaps, but as as always, Swiss mobility innovator Frank M. Rinderknecht is an oasis for inspiration in an otherwise rather expansive automotive wasteland.