Redbull Holden V6 Debuts at Bathurst


Twin turbo Redbull Holden V6 does a lap of Mount Panorama in the Redbull Sandman, with Greg Murphy at the helm

The V8 engine is dying. Yes, it is something painful to admit, but in a world where everyone demands smaller displacement and greater efficiency something had to give. And in the case of Triple 8/Red Bull Racing, that comes to ditching two cylinders.

We’ve already seen and heard the new twin turbo Holden V6 testing in Queensland, but now the twin turbo Holden V6 Triple 8 Sandman has taken to Mount Panorama for Bathurst festivities, with Greg Murphy at the wheel.

Personally, we don’t mind the noise, although it does lack that characteristic V8 growl and bellow. Although the blow off valve noises during downshifts are nice. The twin turbo Holden V6 lacks the V8’s soul, but there’s something there.

Murphy clocked The Mountain in the V6-powered Sandman in 2.16 seconds. The V6 will make its official debut in the 2018 Supercars season.

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